GALLERY - Skyggerslund Bed & Breakfast rooms


Room 1


Room 2


This cosy room is the smallest of the four in the B&B house and it has a view of the yard, the old half-timbered house, as well as the forest behind the old house. The room is equipped with a wardrobe closet and a comfortable chair, perfect for a little break with a good book.


Room 2 is a lovely spacious room with plenty of light and access to the 1st floor balcony towards garden, fields and driveway. The room is equipped with wardrobe closets, chair and a table not to mention the spectacular view.


Room 3


Room 4


Very much like room 2. A bit smaller, but still spacious and with a great view of the surroundings from the balcony. Chances are good that you will see deer, pheasants and other game passing the fields.


Room 4 is the biggest room equipped with 2 beds as well as chairs and a table. From the room there is a view of the forest and the fields and you will have the pleasure of the first sunrays of the day, since the room is placed in the gable and faces east.


Room 5


Room 6

værelse med altan   værelse med altan

Room  5 is a lovely bright room with a large window. With two single beds it is perfect for a couple of workmen who will live cheaply. From the window, a view to the 200 year old half-timbered house and yard.


Room 6 has a fantastic view over the fields, forests and wildlife. In addition, the house farthest room, so there is plenty of peace for working or relaxing. The room is installed a single bed, a desk and chair.